About Us

Located in the Upper Delaware River Valley in Callicoon, New York, Frolic Farm is a community farm and center for popular education, healing and wellness, multimedia arts, and environmental and social change.

  • We cultivate diverse annual and perennial crops for food, medicine, and fiber with the goal of empowering ourselves and others to meet our needs, while fostering long-term ecological vitality.
  • We practice popular education and foster self-reliance and community interdependence as we learn and teach practical skills and liberating ways of thinking.
  • We support healing and wellness with herbs and holistic methods and believe that self-care is intertwined with environmental, political, and social health.
  • We create multimedia arts and build everything from tools to sanctuaries with our hands from the bounty of the land.
  • We participate in social and environmental change by acting in solidarity with local and global movements for dignity, autonomy, social justice, participatory democracy, and access to safe food, water, and land.

At Frolic Farm, we recognize that the regenerative culture we are building requires dedication and focus in many directions. We believe that solutions exist already in our abilities to educate and support ourselves, and that collectively we can grow a resilient new culture based on community, mutual aid, and reciprocity with the land and people around us.

Write us at frolicfarm@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Go Frolic! This is wonderful. Amazing to see what you folks have been up to. My kudos to you and my best wishes for more successes in these wonderful and important endeavors. Linda Kraus

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