Wish List

We’re just getting started up here at Frolic, and there’s lots of stuff that we still need in order to reach our goals.  Here’s a list of some things we could use, from tiny to tremendous – if you want to support us, or just have some of these things lying around, we would greatly appreciate a contribution!

  • Coffee Urns
  • Anything useful for an outdoor kitchen: metal sinks, counter tops, propane burners, etc.
  • Rot-resistant wood for building outdoor structures — locust, cedar, or white oak.
  • Access to a tractor with a brush hog
  • Plastic, metal or wooden barrels
  • Help finding a cheap car
  • Lumber, plywood, metal structural pieces, hardware & other building supplies
  • Workshop tools (particularly wrenches & sockets, a bench vise, drill bits, and cordless power tools)
  • Wood tools: A hatchet or half-axe, a splitter or maul, a broadaxe, a chainsaw

If you feel that you can help make our wishes come true, please email us at frolicfarm@gmail.com


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